Canonical Amendments


Proposed Canonical Amendments for  consideration at the Synod next month.
Regarding amendments DMV Canon 29.1  reads as follows:

Proposed amendments to these Canons shall be submitted in writing to the Diocesan Secretary at least 60 days prior to the Synod meeting at which the proposed action is to be taken, and the proposed amendments shall be submitted to all official delegates at least 30 days prior to the aforesaid meeting of the Synod.  This requirement for notice may be waived by a 90% affirmative vote of the Synod.

With the sudden death of the DMV Secretary getting these into your hands 30 days prior to Synod was simply not possible. Therefor we will first seek a waver by obtaining a 90% affirmative vote. Should that be obtained, we will deal with the attached amendments.

Please pass copies of these along to your delegates



DMV Canonical Amendments