Deacon Flowers’ Ordination

We have set the ordination of Deacon Norman Flowers to the Sacred Order of Priests for Saturday July 25th at 10:00am here in St. John's Cathedral. We had planned to do the ordination July 11th, However, there were no hotel accommodations available here in Quincy. As a result, the ordination will be July 25th (that being the Feast of St. James the Apostle).
Some of you had indicated a desire to be present and that is great. We have blocked 15 hotel rooms for the night of Friday July 24th and the night of Saturday July 25th at the place we stayed at Synod last June. That would be:
Town & Country Inn & Suites
110 N. 54th St.
Quincy, IL 62305
Rooms must be booked by Friday July 3rd after which the rooms remaining in the block will release.
I am sure Deacon Flowers will be sending out formal announcement/invitation. However, I wanted to get the information to you ASAP due to the need of hotel rooms to booked by July 3rd.