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A Successful Synod

From 06/10/2016

Once again, I would like to thank all of you that came to Estes Park for both your attendance and participation in the 35th annual Synod of the DMV. Not only is this annual meeting important with regard to the right-ordering, good government, and well-being of the Church, it is also important with regard to our life of prayer. Indeed, our ability to come together as a diocese in Worship, Word, and Sacrament is the most important thing we do at Synod. Secondly, the camaraderie that comes from our collegiality is most important as well. Finally, the importance of the networking, training in the workshop, and, of course, the business meeting round out an important time together. It is always a blessing to be with you all. I know our time together helps all of us to remember that we are not out there alone on an island, but rather we are part of a Diocese, a National Church (ACA), and an International Communion (TAC)

+Bishop Stephen Strawn

Please extend my thanks to your lay delegates as well for their participation and attendance.


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